Revisiting Paul Dano’s riddler on The Batman rewatch

Having just rewatched The Batman after it hit HBO max it seems I liked the movie less the second time. Having felt it was close to a masterpiece the first time I think the main driving force is Paul Dano's riddler depiction. He is just way too over the top, especially given the grounded feel of the rest of the movie. He just doesn't fit. I say this being a big Paul Dano fan starting from Little Miss Sunshine.

Given that he just doesn't feel like a real person. Too many people make the outrageous claim "this is how a genuine psychopath" acts. I'm sorry to say, it really isn't. It is no where close to what a psychopath acts like, and it is borderline or completely psychotic. Even taking that into account, it still comes off as too much, and I felt second hand embarrassment watching it. It just comes off as cringey.

Maybe it would have come off better if it was a different character like two-face. Where they have the camera on his normal side when he is talking calmly and on the other side when he is being over the top, maybe then it would have worked. Given what we got, I feel like it takes the whole movie down a peg.

Anyone else feel similar?

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