SLP Smooth Love Potion Price Prediction 2022 is $0.007 (Lower)


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SLP Smooth Love Potion Price Prediction 2022: The average price prediction of SLP token for 2022 is $0.007 (Lower).

SLP Smooth Love Potion Price Prediction 2025: Analysts predict SLP token to touch $0.019 (Lower)3 analysts

The current Price of the SLP token is:

SLP Smooth Love Potion Price Prediction 2022: Performance in 2022

One month Chart

SLP was trading in red from last month and volume was also lower. SLP’s price sometimes recovers and falls down. Currently, SLP is trading lower.


Market Cap

June 1st



May 25th

$59 m

$30 m

May 21st

$112 m

$31 m

May 15th

$84 m

$31 m

April 30th

$218 m

$66 m

April 15th

$108 m

$93 m

March 31st

$259 m

$107 m

March 1, 2022

$444 m

$106 m

Feb 01, 2022

$47 m

$35 m

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Smooth Love Potion Price Prediction: Technical Recommendation

SLP Price Prediction: Latest Video

SLP Smooth Love Potion Price Prediction 2022: Google Search Data

Google Search for SLP Token in the Last 7 Days has been falling over the last few days

SLP Smooth Love Potion Price Prediction 2022: Experts Prediction

SLP Smooth Love Potion Price Prediction 2025

Smooth Love Potion Prediction: Latest Tweets

SLP Smooth Love Potion Price Prediction 2022: Some Facts

Smooth Love Potion or SLP is a blockchain that is found in Ethereum-based games. It is an ERC-20 gaming token in the popular NFT game Axie Infinity. Since it is an ERC-20-based token it can be traded, that is, a user can buy, sell and hold the SLP token.

  • Smooth Love Potion tokens can be earned by playing the game Axie Infinity.
  • The Coin has a limited supply. Currently, there are around 4,372,441,637 SLP coins in circulation.
  • It is important to keep in mind that the price of Smooth Love Potion is completely dependent on the Axie Infinity ecosystem. As more players join the community and start playing the game, the price falls due to the increased minting of the token.

Axie Infinity Play-To-Earn ‘Smooth Love Potion’ Gaming Has Changed Lives And Lifted People Out Of Poverty

Where to Buy SLP Coin?

Very limited exchanges are offering SLP tokens for trading. One of the best exchanges to buy Smooth love potion token is Binance.

Gemini, FTX, and are other platforms supporting SLP tokens.

SLP Smooth Love Potion Price Prediction 2022: Frequently Asked Questions

What is Smooth Love Potion Price Prediction?

The Smooth Love Potion Price Prediction for 2022 is $0.029 and the price prediction for SLP for 2025 end is $0.077.

Does Smooth Love Potion have a Future?

The future of SLP completely depends on its ecosystem of SLP. A strong ecosystem could push the price of SLP tokens over $0.10 by the end of 2022 or the same ecosystem could crash the price completely following a mass sell-off.

Will SLP Price go Up in 2022?

The 2022 outlook of the crypto market as a whole has been bright as of now. However, in the last few days, there has been a certain recovery in the crypto market. If the market sustains this recovery, SLP like other cryptos may have a better future ahead.

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