Small Things I Still Want to be fixed..


  • Lode Baring. There's an occasional glitch, ….all of you know already. You enter the mine and you're blocked from going in, but you're in the mine, so all you can do is exit.
  • Breach and Clear. Sometimes containers have nothing at all.
  • Scorched Earth. Perhaps having the respawn being out of the Nuke Zone and where the fighting actually is. (it hasn't been bad the last few times, tho). I know this is because of the common placements of nukes, but I'd like for the devs to realize that and change spawn points.
  • Fertile Soil. I'd like for the changing of targeting parameters to actually remove human targets before exiting the building. Just a matter of principle really.


  • More objects to snap. The shipping containers would be a great start.
  • A square build area as opposed to a circular build area.
  • Angled walls to be placeable. If someone knows how to do it already, please help.
  • Let me put my Survival Tent in the Build Area. I've got ideas for it.

That is all, thank you for listening.

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