SoFi Stock Forecast 2022, Target Revised Lower to $14

SoFi Stock Forecast 2022, Target Revised Lower to $14

SoFi Stock Forecast 2022: Highlights
SoFi Stock Forecast 2022: Shares of SoFi Technologies Inc (Nasdaq: SOFI) are expected to trade between $8.7 and $9.9. The overall recommendation is Sell.
-The average 12 month target for SoFi is $14, Revised Lower on April 12th
Positives: Great Business Model, Customer Acquisition is Strong
Negatives: Pause in Student Loan Repayments, Increase in interest rates.

SoFi stock Forecast 2022: Latest Price

SoFi stock Forecast 2022: Performance Chart

Stock Name 5 Days 1 Month YTD
SOFI Stock -5.66% +11.01% -59.50%

SoFi stock Forecast 2022: Comparison with Peers

Parameter SoFi Technologies Inc Credit Acceptance Corporation Upstart Holdings Inc OneMain Holdings Inc SLM Corporation
Market Cap 8.9 B 7.5 B 10.6 B 5.9 B 5.2 B
Revenue Growth YoY 72.8% 82.9% 252.8% 33.0% 20.6%
EPS  Diluted (YoY)  -1.00 59.52 1.43 9.87 3.61
Net Operating Cash Flow -1.4B 1.1 B 168.4 M 2.3 B -49.5 B
Data as of 21.03.2022, considering financials up to 31st December 2021

SoFi Stock Forecast 2022: Target Price

SoFi stock Forecast 2022: Technical Recommendation

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SoFi stock Forecast 2022: Google Search Trends

SoFi stock Forecast 2022: Bull Case

  • SoFi Technologies has an innovative product line – SoFi Technologies was founded in 2011 with the primary intention to make student loans cheaper and provide a cheap, reliable, and memorable experience to retail customers. SoFi is doing it year after year and that makes it one of the top choices to take online loans across America.
  • SoFi is the leader in its space – Although it is true that there are many other companies trying to revolutionize the customer banking experience, SoFi technologies stands out among the pack. It is evident by the fact that SoFi has 3.5 million users on its app, while the others have only a few thousand users. More importantly, SoFi is growing at a rate of nearly 500,000 users per quarter.
  • Better than expected Q4 2021 -22 results – SoFi declared Q4 results on March 1, 2022, and it did beat market expectations on a number of fronts
    • EPS came at -0.15 vs -0.16 estimated
    • The company reported fourth-quarter EBIDTA to $5 million and annual EBIDTA to $30 million
    • Revenue has shown commendable growth to $303.81 million
    • The company has added 523,000 quarterly new members, which is up 39% sequentially.
    • These results are despite the unexpected student loan moratorium in December.
  • Well-positioned for future growth – Currently America has 210 million adults. Considering only 20% market share of SoFi Technologies by 2030, it comes to around 42 million. With just a 3.5 million user base, the opportunity to grow is immense.

SoFi stock Forecast 2022: Bear Case

  • Bad Global Sentiments – The global stock markets are in the bear territory since the fag end of November. In the last six months, SoFi is down 46%.
  •  High Growth Momentum stocks are losing their spree- If we look carefully, in this bear market, the ones with maximum loss are recent initial public offerings in partnerships with SPACs. Growth stocks with high momentum are the worst hit in this bear market. Also, stocks with lofty valuations carrying a hope for the future are the first ones to lose their gains in the market corrections.

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SoFi stock forecast 2022: Is SoFi a buy for 2022?

SoFi Technologies is taking every possible step to disrupt the physical banking market and has been successful till now with an ever-increasing user base and revenue. Also, SoFi has an impressive team with the CEO being a former CFO at Twitter and head of global banking at Goldman Sachs and the company has nearly 300 employees from Citigroup and JPMorgan. All seems to be well with the company except the global scenario.

But if an investor is looking at a horizon of five to six years, SoFi can deliver tremendous returns, especially after the recent discounted rate.

SoFi stock forecast 2022

-Vineet Agarwal 

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