Some questions about Get Out (2017)

So today I was watching some movie clips and I ended up watching a few Get Out clips and now I finished watching the movie for the 3rd time and I have some questions about it (sorry if these have been asked before and they're pretty much stupid but oh well).

  1. Could Logan have been saved? Like we see what happens to Walter at the end, what happens when they get out of that trance, but could have it been possible to help them get out of it and to avoid that outcome?
  2. Why are Rose and the brother so different? Is it just because they're siblings and of course they are not going to be the same but Rose is way more calculating, way better liar and is better at hiding the fact that she is crazy while the brother is not that great.
  3. Is it actually posible to put someone in such a trance? (Ik this is a stupid question) (I'm not talking about the operation but about the trence Chris is put in that night) And even after the ending,we see what happens with that tea cup but if someone does the same thing to him, other person could it send him to that place, like is he still there even after the ending?
  4. When Chris tells Georgina that he feels uncomfortable when there are a lot of white people around she sheds a tear, that wasn't Georginas right? It was the woman that we see in that picture with Rose right? Like when the blind guy says "your existence will be as a passenger", maybe the actual women felt that in some way or heard him? I really don't know how to put this or if it actually makes sense.
  5. How did the mom perform that hypnosis on every person? Like her excuse to perform that on Chris was to stop him from smoking and the thing with his mom, but for the other guys? Andre ( if i'm not wrong that was his actual name in the movie, not Logan) was kidnapped so I guess they just forced him or she just tied him up, but with the other people? Trauma maybe?
  6. If Walter was Rose's grandfather, why did he talk about Rose like that? Like he liked her orsomething like that, cause I don't think that's the right way to talk about a family member

7.This is not a question but I know the other "subliminal" messages in the movie but what I find"funny" is how the dad at the beginning says how he hates deers tand that he is glad Chris ranit over and then what happens at the end with the deer head.

P.d: Forgot to say this, but it was interesting how when Chris is asked if being African American has more advantages or disadvantages and then he proceeds to tell Logan to answer that, and he ends up saying that is very good, but that answer is from a white person pov, which I think is also a reference to how white people view racism, with a lot of them saying that is not as bad as some poeple might say.

+ Did they know about the flash? Because if they knew something like that could happen they could've told Chris to avoid taking pics, but that could have risen his suspicion right?

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