So…this happened yesterday and I’m confused and mad by the audacity of some people..

Let me start as someone with 1700 hours on PC and returned on XBSX during Steel Reign when my PC died.

I have my camp set up and put a decon shower at the entrance. I hate holding rads and holding the rad away, unless I’m doing Earle or SBQ.

Built every camp like this since Wastelanders.

Yesterday some dude was starting to destroy my camp and I’m like wtf, so I server hop. Fucking griefers still?! Really?? Whatever.

This dude follows me and goes off about his bloodied build going through the shower.

Initially I was like oh shit. I totally didn’t think of that. My bad. I forgot people still roll those builds. Then I’m like omg I bet he thought it was a trap camp. I remember around the inventory hack that these were a real issue.

Then I’m like wait…on the second level is a doorless doorway with laser turrets for the random SM encounters I have. There isn’t a door because I didn’t want to have to remove and move a wall if there was an encounter. I even didn’t be a dick and lock my water collectors outside for free water. Then I’m like a bloodied build isn’t that hard to redo if you get hit by the shower, at least what I remember some 3 years ago when I toyed with one and went back to my preferred build.

So is this still a thing? These clowns still feel like be mindful of my build when I visit your camp?! Like go fuck your self man. I moved it back where it’s always been. I never had anyone ever say shit about how I built my camp. Not when I had the identical set up built into the electrical tower by white springs, built into the side of the rocks/mountain region by white springs on the left side, and now in the bog.

Anyone else have something familiar happen? Are there still clowns that feel like they dictate the way the game is supposed to be? Like some self appointed etiquette police? I understand some things to do during OPs and Earle/SBQ but make your camp easier and more build friendly for me, when there’s another fucking entry point off the main road


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