The Raiders storyline in the main quest is by far the weakest part of the game (not the Wastelanders stuff)

Assuming you do everything in order. You’ll immediately move onto completing Raider quest lines after finishing the responders quest line. This storyline is mostly tied together with a Raider Mr. Handy who has taken to calling herself Rose.

I cannot tell you how painful this section of the game is. Especially coming right after the fairly brilliant Responders quest line. There is just no part of the game that slogs quite this hard and I suspect it is a huge chunk of the reason the game was so panned at launch. Because you get started with some great content and about at the 5 or 6 hour mark you just hit a wall of garbage. Which is deeply unfortunate because the quests that follow only get better. Free States, BoS, and Enclave storylines are all fantastic. The Raider stuff is just the worst however.

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