The Sandbox Price Prediction: SAND Outlook Turns Bullish, Price Prediction for 2022 End is $1.44(Revised Higher)

The Sandbox Price Prediction: The Current momentum is Bullish

The Outlook for the next 24 hours is Positive(Positive 57%, Negative28%)

The Sandbox Price Prediction for 2022 is predicted to be $1.44.

In 2025 Sandbox Price is predicted to be $4.67.

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The Latest SAND Price and Performance Chart

The Sandbox Price Prediction: Performance Chart

For the last 5 Days, Sandbox, Ethereum, and Bitcoin are trading in the red. Sand is trading lower for several days there is no sign of recovery.

Sandbox Ethereum BTC
5 Days +22.5% +1.93% +1.68%
YTD -82.3% -69.5% -56.2%

The Sandbox Price Prediction: Technical Analysis

The Sandbox Price Prediction: Google Search Volume

The search volume for the Sandbox has decreased in the last few hours. The Google search volume of Sandbox is higher as compared to yesterday.

The Sandbox Price Prediction 2022

The Sandbox Price Prediction for 2025

Sandbox Price Prediction: Market Cap and Volume data

Metric Value Trend
Market Cap Rank 39th Higher
Current Market Cap $ 1.32 B Higher
Volume Traded in Terms of $ Value $403 M Lower

Sandbox Latest Video

YouTube video

The Sandbox Crypto Price Prediction: Performance in Jan 2022

2022 has not been a fruitful year for Sandbox. The metaverse token is down by over 50% since January 2022. Several factors have led to Sandbox crashing the recent being the Russia-Ukraine. Here is how SAND has performed in the last two months:

Sandbox on January 1st breached $6, however, since then the price of Sandbox remained lower and by the end of January, Sandbox was down by nearly 50% of its January 1st value.

Date High Low Market Cap
Jan 31, 2022 $4.15 $3.67 $3,7 B
Jan 20, 2022 $4.45 $3.93 $3,6 B
Jan 15, 2022 $4.92 $4.80 $4,4 B
Jan 01, 2022 $6.01 $5.85 $5,4 B

Sandbox Price Prediction 2022: Performance in February 2022

In February, Sandbox failed to make much progress. The Russian-Ukraine conflict led to the con crashing below $3.

Date High Low Market Cap
Feb 28th $3.21 $2.84 $3,60 B
Feb 20th $3.50 $3.16 $3,48 B
Feb 10th $4.76 $4.38 $4,55 B
Feb 1st $4.10 $3.89 $3,67 B

Sandbox Outlook For Today

Indicator Trend
Price Higher
Technical Buy
Market Cap Rank Higher
Trading Volume Lower
Google Search Higher
Social Media Buzz Lower
Social Media Sentiment Steady

The Sandbox Price Prediction 2022: Latest Tweets

The Sandbox Price Prediction 2022: Social Media Buzz

The Sandbox Price Prediction 2022: Social Media Sentiments

Last 7 Days Last 24 hours Trends
Net sentiments +2% +2% Steady

What is Sandbox?

Sandbox is one of the Ethereum-based blockchains. Sandbox attempts to change the dynamic of the gaming market, the creator rewards the user for the value of the content generated.

Moreover, Sand is an Ethereum-based metaverse and has a gaming environment for the users who can create, share and monetize the world asset and experience different games.

The sand was designed to run the traditional gaming market to control user generation. 

Sandbox Price Prediction 2022: How to Invest In SAND?

Sandbox is one of the famous Metaverse tokens. The coin became popular among investors in 2021. However, in 2022 the price of Sandbox is yet to show an upward trend. Here is how you can invest in Sandbox:

  1. Finding a crypto exchange that sells Sandbox coin
  2. Create an account with the Exchange
  3. Verify your identity
  4. Fund the Wallet
  5. Make the Purchase

A few of the important exchanges offering SAND are:

  • Coinbase
  • Binance
  • Kraken
  • eToro
  • SoFi

Wallets for Sandbox

  1. Ledger
  2. Trezor
  3. Math Wallet
  4. Trust Wallet
  5. Safepal
  6. Binance Chain Wallet

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