Thomas F. Wilson doesn’t get enough credit for his portrayals of the various “Biff Tannens” in the Back to the Future trilogy.

I don't know what the point of this post is, I guess I just felt like I wanted to celebrate the man for his fantastic performances. I feel like he's rarely mentioned when discussing the Back to the Future films but he's such a large part of them and why they are such great movies.

I watched BttF 2 and the beginning of 3 on cable a few weeks ago and I was struck by Wilson's performances. He's funny and yet still very menacing when he needs to be. He's got a creepy streak but he's not entirely off-putting as a character. Plus all the various Tannens feel similar enough that the gag lands, but they are also quite distinct. They feel like members of family! It's really quite the balancing act and he just nailed it, IMO, in every movie (every scene even).

He contributes a lot to the tone and feel of the movies, probably more than anyone except for maybe Christopher Lloyd's Doc Brown, but does it all without stealing any scenes. He blends into the world seamlessly in a perfect "supporting" antagonist role. (Although maybe Zemeckis deserves some of that credit?)

So bravo to Thomas F. Wilson for giving us the Tannens that we love to hate!

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