Weapon Idea: Ballistic Fist

I figured since we have weapons using perks from different types, this could be a fun weapon to bring into the game.

For those who don’t know how this weapon works, when an enemy takes a hit from the gauntlet, it fires a shotgun blast. So, it’d use unarmed perks, and shotgun ones. Fairly simple, it wouldn’t shoot when the unarmed hit misses.

For mods, it’d probably be best to for it to have some for the ‘shotgun’ and some for the pressure plate. Things for the pressure plate could be spikes, electrified, poison, or similar effects, while mods for the shotgun could be mods similar to the pepper shaker, with changing the pellets and damage, or it could be something similar to Two-Step Goodbye from Fallout: New Vegas, adding a bomb that detonates, or some other payload to it.

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