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West Ham vs Brighton PredictionKey Stats For Prediction

When is West Ham Most Likely to Score a goal? Every fourth match, West Ham scores three goals in the first half, for a first-half goal rate of 0.8. The data is fairly clear that West Ham enjoys dominating in the first half.

When are Brighton most Likely to Score a goal? Seagull has been the more dominant team for 55 to 90 minutes in their last 10 games, scoring 10 goals. Every game, scoring one goal.

Who is Most Likely to Score For West Ham? Bowen has Scored 0.40 goals per match in the last ten Matches for the Hammers, which is highest and is more Probable to score for them.
Who is Most Likely to Score Brighton?  Pascal Gross and Trossard are Most Likely to Score for Brighton. The Duo has Scored 65% of the Goals for the Seagulls this Preseason and Matchday 1.

Crowdwisdom360 Score Prediction: West Ham: 1 Brighton: 1

*All statistical analyses are based on recent performances. Player performance may not necessarily replicate the recent performances.

The West Ham United v Brighton & Hove Albion match is scheduled to take place on 21 Aug 2022 at 13:00 UTC at London Stadium.

West Ham will try to earn their first Premier League points at home against Brighton this weekend. West Ham’s goalless start to the campaign will provide a perfect opportunity for the Seagulls to capitalize.

West Ham vs Brighton Prediction: Goal Scoring and Conceding Pattern (Last 10 PL Games)

West Ham ( Last 10 PL Games)

Goals Scored Goals Conceded
First 15 minutes 1
16 to 30 minutes 2
31 to 45 minutes 5 4
46 to 60 minutes 1 4
61 to 75 minutes 2 3
76 to 90 minutes 3
First Half 8 4
Second Half 3 10
Total 11 14

Scoring and Conceding Pattern Analysis: West Ham

  • West Ham Scores 0.8 Goals in the First Half or 3 goal in First Half Every 4 Matches. The Data is quite Evident of the Fact that West Ham likes to Dominate in the First Half.
  • However, West Ham are Yet to score in the Premier League this season.
  • Defensively, West Ham has been Poor, conceding 1.4 goals per match. More so in the second half and fails to defend the lead and concedes 1 goal per match.

Brighton (Last 10 PL Games)

Goals scored Goals conceded
First 15 minutes 2
16 to 30 minutes 3
31 to 45 minutes 3 2
46 to 60 minutes 4 2
61 to 75 minutes 2 2
76 to 90 minutes 4 3
First Half 8 2
Second Half 10 7
Total 18 9

Scoring and Conceding Pattern Analysis: Brighton

  • Brighton has been Superb in the Last 10 games and has Shown Strong Show on both attack and Defence.
  • Seagull has scored 18 goals in the Last 10 games at 1.8 goals per Match and have been most Dominant in 55-90 Minutes. Scoring 1 goal per match.
  • Defensively, too, they have been able to hold themselves together. Conceding less than a goal per match.

West Ham vs Brighton Prediction: Team Stats Analysis 2021/2022

West Ham Brighton
Goals per game 1.58 1.11
Goals conceded per game 1.34 1.16
Clean Sheets % 21% 31%
Ball Possession % 47% 45%
Yellow Cards Avg 1.23 1.92
Red Cards Avg 0.07 0.05

West Ham and Brighton Statistical Comparison of Last Season and this Season: Key Highlights

West Ham:

  • West Ham Defensively were at Par with a typical EPL Side last season, Conceding 0.08 goals less. However, there is a transition in terms of Defending and West Ham are Conceding 0.30 goals more than EPL average so Far.
  • West Ham were Superb in terms of Scoring goals Last Season, as they scored 0.26 goals more than average of EPL. This season, West Ham has not able to score a goal.


  • Brighton Defensively was Superb last season, conceding 0.3 goals less than average of the EPL. This season also, they are conceding less than EPL average.
  • Brighton Showed Slight weakness in attack, they scored 0.25 goals less than EPL average. This year they are also at par with EPL Average.

West Ham vs Brighton Prediction: Attack Analysis

Avg Shots on Goals Goals Per Match
West Ham
J Bowen 0.9 0.2
S Benrahma 0.7 0.3
M Lanzini 0.5 0.2
Danny Welback 1.1 0.34
Pascal Gross 1.4 0.28
Trossard 1.2 0.30
  • Benrahma, Bowen and Lanzini scores 70% of the goals for West Ham. However, Lanzini can be an Important player for Hammers against Brighton, The attacker Shooting accuracy is more than 40%
  • Pascal gross and Danny Welback remains key for Brighton. The Duo scores more than 50% of goals for Brighton. Pascal Gross has scored 2 of the three goals scored by Brighton.

West Ham vs Brighton Prediction: Defense Analysis

Blocks Clearances Per Match Air Duel Success
West Ham
Cresswell 0.7 2 80%
Zouma 0.5 3 67%
Veltmann 1 3.7 76%
Dunk 0.5 4.5 72%
  • Cresswell and Zouma are the Main Defenders for the Hammer. Their Work rate together is par with EPL. Cresswell Strength lies in Crossing the Well, and his air duel Success is also very Good. zouma on the other hand is very Good at Interception, where he averages more than 2.
  • Veltmann and Dunk forms the heart of defence for Brighton. The Duo together makes more than seven Clearances per match, saving probability of one goal and Likes to tackle and have a 74% Tackling Success together.

West Ham vs Brighton Prediction: Goalkeeper Stats (2021/2022)

Fabianski (West Ham) Sanchez (brighton)
Goals Conceded (per Game) 1.47 1.16
Clean Sheet 25% 28%
Save Percent 69.5% 71.6%

West Ham vs Brighton Prediction: Recent Form

West Ham Form Guide:L, L, D, D, L

Brighton Form Guide: D, W, W, L, W

West Ham vs Brighton Prediction: Odds

The FcTables website known for giving out accurate predictions has given a 41% chance to West Ham Sid, whereas Brighton are a step behind at 30%. In terms of odds, West Ham having odds of 2.34 are ahead in this clash.

West Ham vs Brighton Prediction: Predicted Winner

Both sides are evenly matched and are capable of beating each other. Brighton is on Form and must be high on Confidence after beating United 2-1 and proved their mettle defensively conceding just one goal, carrying from where they Left last season.

West Ham, on the other side, has not shown glimpses of any Form as they failed to win a single game in the two matches and even failed to score any Goal. But, this home game can bring a Season back on track for the Hammers. Let us Look at some Factor in Prediction.

Factors Advantage
Home Game West Ham
Head -to- Head West Ham
Attack (Current Season) Brighton
Defense (Current Season) Brighton
Prediction Draw (1-1)

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