What are shower onions TikTok? – Need To Refrigerate

What are shower onions TikTok?

The latest controversial life hack to come out of TikTok is shower onions, and it’s exactly what it sounds like: keeping onions in the bathroom. Yes, that’s a bowl of onions sitting on top of his toilet. Look at his shower onions, she said in the video. He even has shallots.

How do you use shower onions?

All you have to do is slice an onion (any bulb onion) in half and place it on a salad dish. You can set the dish with the onion top of it anywhere in the bathroom that’s out of the way. Don’t worry. The onion smell doesn’t last forever.

What is up with shower onions?

According to TikTok, people have bowls of onions in their bathrooms in order to combat any smells that they might not be able to get out if their bathroom happens to be poorly ventilated or doesn’t have a window.

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