what are your personal rules of etiquette for fo76?

Pretty know ones are not taking someone's death bag at the end of events. Unwanted plans or items in brief cases for someone else to find. Unlocked= free at camps so no pick locking someone's water cooler for example.

Of course not everyone follows them, but what do you do for your fellow vault dweller to make the game more enjoyable?

Personally I wait for all of the hotdogs to spawn in the daily quest CHOW LINE. So whenever anyone else does it for the server I happen to be on, they can munch through most/all while only experiencing one rocking motion the character does after eating the first hotdog.

Another is for the event BREACH AND CLEAR. I'll always do it because I love the ore it gives, but I hate it's shared with everyone who joins the event. So I leave it as first come, first serve basis. If I joined the event after someone already started it, Boom guard duty. I won't touch a single container and just collect the few more when the event ends. The only exception to it might be I see they keep leaving orange/locked containers alone because they don't have a key card.

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