What’s some advice or cheat sheets you have to remember how to create certain things after you haven’t played in over a yr

So some background:

I got 7dtd on pc in spring on 2021 and played it excessively until June. I've run into this problem when I was trying to get back into it on xbox.

How do you get back into something with such a steep learning curve to learn how to play? I loaded into my old world from June 2021, and don't remember the combinations to make certain objects, or foods, ect. (Example is i loaded in and realized i had low ammo for my assault rifle and i didnt remember the process of making the bullets or what supplies i needed.) I really enjoyed what I experienced in 2021, but are there any tips, cheat sheets, or advice into learning the game again? I know some might say, "Just play and figure it out." But when I load in and see all the contraptions I've built and the things I made, I realize I remember none of it, and have to relearn so much just to have fun again and play. I'll be honest its kinda overwhelming. In all the years the games been out has anyone found anything to help with this?

It would honestly mean the world to me if anyone can help because I had so much fun almost a year ago and wanna continue my save. Thank you!

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