Why dont Bethesda “Go wild” with Fo76?

The game is really fun and the progression is addicting, but when we get to the End Game.. there is little to be done. The game has not seen any end game contect added like forever, but new maps and new monters arent the only "end game" content players need.. what about quality of life and player equipment progression?

I dont understand why Bethesda doesnt think outside the box, its not likely we are going to see a new Fallout anytime soon.. explore Fo76 as its own entry in the series. Give us unique things never seen in other Fallout Games, like, we just have had an Alien Invasion event.. why not add rare end game alien technology gadgets? Like a personal teleporter 20m forward. Or a super crazy PA like the invaders have, that has its own set of modules such as EMP pulse, chest lights or extended thrusters thta let us fly longer?

Speaking of flight, why cant we have super rare plans that allow us to build small combat drones that follow us and attack enemies? Or even build a vertibot vehicle we could drive and fight enemies airborne? It would be SO, MUCH, FUN! So many ideas.. Im tired of this game being so "static", so bound to decade old past Fallout games as its set on stone and its not allowed to evolve past other games in the franchise..

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