Workshop PvP Clarification – This is not a rant

I thought the other player needed to start the "claim workshop" to engage in PvP. But apparently it's an open arena from the get go? Just curious as in the past a player contested it with me and then attacked. Today I was just attacked first. Perhaps the 1st person was a little classier as it wasn't an ambush then? Still surprised the hell out of me though.

Either way I died immediately. I'm not set up for PvP at all; I just like grabbing the workshops for extra stuff to do.

*Also to be fair to the other player I tried to sneak get it back and they showed up, saluted me, and I stepped out of the "arena". So basically they said nice try sneaking it back, but hey I caught you.

So again, just clarification. They can attack without contesting first right?

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