Young Sherlock Holmes (1985)

This is a fantastic and fun movie that came out in the mid 80’s and I love it! I remember watching it when it came out in theaters and being shocked at how cool and scary it was! It was a treat to watch this movie again last night, and it’s been too long since I saw it last.

Young Sherlock Holmes is a movie that was smart and funny, but at the core it was a great story with classic characters. I have seen a lot of adaptions of Sherlock Holmes over the years, but in my opinion I think Nicholas Rowe has played the character the best out of everyone! The way he delivers his lines and his mannerisms in the film are exactly what I believe Sherlock Holmes would have done.

When this movie came out it was billed as a kids movie, but I have to tell you that there are some really scary elements to the film. Plain and simple…some scenes are scary!

The cast is great and the writing is fast paced and intriguing. This was one of those 80’s movies that was produced by Steven Spielberg, Frank Marshall, and Kathleen Kennedy, and you can tell that they had some influence in the final production of the film.

What do you think about Young Sherlock Holmes?

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