ZCash Price Prediction: ZCash (ZEC) Outlook Remains Neutral, 2022 Price Prediction is $209.83

ZCash Price Prediction: The current Momentum of ZCash (ZEC) is Bearish

The Current Outlook is Neutral (Positive: 55%, Negative: 45%).

The ZCash (ZEC) Price Prediction 2022 is $209.83

The Latest Price of ZCash (ZEC) is:

ZCash Price Prediction: Technicals

According to TradingView, the technical analysis for ZCash (ZEC) is:

ZCash Price Prediction: Performance Chart

Last 5 Days +7.54% +2.03% +0.67%

ZCash Prediction: Market Cap and Volume Data

Metrics Value Trend
Market Cap Rank 49th Higher
Current Market Cap $947 M Higher
Volume Traded in Terms of $ Value $92.5 M Higher

ZCash Prediction: Net Sentiment

7 Days 1 Day Net Sentiment
Social Sentiment +4.3% -1.4% Lower

ZCash Price Prediction and Forecast: Social Media Data

LunarCrush statistics Percentage Trend
Social Volume +31% Higher
Social Engagement +31.6% Higher

ZCash Price Prediction: Google Trends

In the last 24 hours, the search volume of ZCash (ZEC) is higher as compared to the previous day.

ZCash Price Prediction 2022

Average ZCash (ZEC) Price Prediction 2022 April 19th, 2022 $209.83
TechNewsLeader April 2022 $167.79
priceprediction.net April 2022 $170.55
WalletInvestors April 2022 $149.951

ZCash Price Prediction: Latest Tweets

Originally tweeted by Ted_DS (Hopium/Copium Dealer) (@ted_ds) on June 23, 2022.

Keep an eye on the ZCash/Bitcoin chart for a potential short zec/long btc hedge setup on the 4hr timeframe. Notice where I’ve circled, when $zec has given up the 4hr 200SMA over the past few months, its resulted in a sizeable drop against Bitcoin. It may just do so again soon.

ZCash Price Prediction

Latest ZCash (ZEC) Technical Analysis Video

YouTube video

ZCash (ZEC) Price Prediction: FAQs

What will ZCash (ZEC) be Worth in 2024?

According to TechnewsLeader, ZCash (ZEC) could reach $496.73 by the end of 2024.

What will be the price of ZCash (ZEC) Coin in the next 7 years?

It can be said without a single speck of doubt that the market of cryptocurrency is a pretty volatile one. So, making a prediction about the price value of ZCash (ZEC) coin for the future, and that too accurately, won’t be possible. However, according to the estimates made by some experts at Digitalcoinprice.com, the price of ZCASH (ZEC) in the next 7 years would go up to a maximum value of $674.89USD

ZCash (ZEC) Price Prediction: How to Buy ZCash (ZEC)?

ZCash or (ZEC) is a popular crypto coin that is rising in the ranks. However, to reach the top position, ZCash (ZEC)has to sell many more tokens. For the users who want to buy this particular Cryptocurrency, here are some important steps to follow.

Find a reliable cryptocurrency exchange and create an account.

Fund the cryptocurrency exchange wallet.

Buy ZCash or (ZEC) coins.

Where Can One Buy ZCash (ZEC)?

Here are some options for different crypto exchanges that sell ZCASH (ZEC) coins. You can choose from these options:

Binance, Coinbase, Bitfinex, Gate.io, KuCoin, Kraken

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